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Client From Methuen

I had a great experience with Attorney Ravosa. Here's how he helped me... Overwhelmed with debt, I needed help. But I was afraid of dealing with money issues and I had very little money to pay a lawyer. A friend recommended Rick Ravosa. Rick and his team guided me through the process promptly answering all my silly questions along the way. Best of all they treated me with respect and compassion, they were pulling for me! Today I am debt free!!! Compared to other lawyers I've used, there's no question, I would always recommend Attorney Richard Ravosa to all my friends, family and anyone who asks.

Client From Chicopee

went thru a grueling process involving the heart wrenching threat of home foreclosure. Attorney Ravosa consistently comforted me with reassurance and kept me moving in a positive direction. I fully credit Attorney Ravosa's outstanding knowledge and experience for us prevailing in our quest for justice. Due to his hard work and diligence, my children and I are able to stay in our home. Our situation was resolved with complete satisfaction. I was treated with respect and no matter how many questions I presented, I never was made to feel like a bother. I have highly recommended Attorney Richard Ravosa to several acquaintances of mine and they cannot thank me enough. I am told they have received the same great serive that was given to me. Attorney Richard Ravosa's knowledge and services surpass all others!

Client From Abington

I called two days before a foreclosure. He put our mind at ease immediately. We did a chapter 13. We had a very large trustee payment we couldn't handle. We went for a chapter 7 and a loan modification. We did the chapter 7 no problem. I never thought we'd get the loan modification because this would be our third try I thought it would be a waste of money. We were lied and cheated by another law firm and almost lost our home. I was wrong they got it done and they got it done fast. Thank you Cynthia, Arineth, Mike and Felicia. You all have done a great job. Give them a call they could save you too. Thanks again.

Client From Randolph

I called Attorney Ravosa's law firm within days of my home being auctioned off. They were a shot in the dark as I had randomly chosen their number from the phone book. To my surprise, they turned out to be my life savers. They guided me through all of my options. Once a decision to file Chapter 13 was made, they supported me through the entire process. I found everyone in his firm to be professional, knowledgeable, understanding and compassionate. They supported and encouraged me when I was down and desperate, and yet were firm with the expectations required of me. I never once have regretted the decision to go with this firm. They believed in me when I didn't even believe in myself. I would recommend them to anyone who is going through a tough financial situation. They will give you honest assistance.

Client From Peabody

Atty Richard Ravosa, Cynthia and their staff helped me and my wife through a very difficult time with Foreclosing on our house and filing for Bankruptcy. They were kind, supportive, extremely knowledgeable in their field of expertise. We were embarrassed and somewhat ashamed of the situation we were in and they welcomed us with open arms, treating us like family. They went with us to court and walked us through the entire process. We have dealt with other Atty Practices and none have been this helpful and supportive. We just found ourselves in another situation needing an Atty and weren't sure this fell under their practice but they assured us when we called for guidance that they would help us find the best in the field we needed. They do this without asking for any type of compensation and truly care about you. We will never call another Atty for will always be Richard Ravosa and his team. They are top notch professionals who get the job done without delays. One more thing...they call you back within the day of your call with updates and answers. We feel so blessed to have found them.

Client From Boston

Attny Ravosa's office runs like clockwork. They made sure everything was always up to date, and on time. Every step along the way his office contacted me to kept me informed and answered all of my questions quickly.

Client From Taunton

I'm very impressed with Town and Country Legal Associates. Throughout my entire process everything was explained to me and handled in a very professional manner. They were recommended to me and I would recommend them to family and friends. Cynthia was very patient, knowledgable and approachable. I couldn't be happier with the way my case was handled.

Client From Plymouth

I can not say enough about attorney Ravosa and Cynthia these people saved my home days before Christmas my house was set for auction and foreclosure sale sadly I picked a attorney who I didn't no of from my area not only did attorney Ravosa save my home he got all my money back for me he charged me nothing for that service he did in recouping my money many nights weekends Cynthia would calk to see how I was holding up and to say they were going to make sure we kept our home my five grandchildren who also live and grew up in this home will be forever grateful to Richard for his quick action and Cynthia for all her hard work and compassion if any one ever needs legal services don't go anywhere else they are truly the best they should be a ten plus star because they not only saved my home they saved my family from being separated thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing a great job and caring the way you do

Client From Holland

Cynthia guided me through a 5 year process. She answered my questions quickly and thoroughly and was patient every time! You don't usually think of attorneys as being so understanding but she definitely is so supportive. She always wants the best for her clients. If you're looking for someone who doesn't judge and definitely knows her stuff then look no further! She's amazing!

Client From Dudley

I was a week away from a sale date of a foreclosure. After talking with her for just a few minutes she made me feel at ease. She is highly knowledgeable completely thorough and tells the client like it is. She guides you thru a very difficult process always with pro s and cons and very sound advice. She is surrounded by a highly energetic professional team that are very knowledgeable and make sure the client is covered in every way. I would recommend her and her team and Town and Country Legal associates for any needs involving mortgage assistance/ bankruptcy. ...P.S. I am still in my home and thanks to her and her team on my way to a full recovery

Client From Springfield

he made my life so easy and stress free, and the cost was super cheap compared to others, I recommend her to my sister and she was so happy with the outcome. I recommend Cynthia Ravosa to anyone needing a smooth transition during a bankruptcy

Client From Hyde Park

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Richard Ravosa and his staff. Cynthia held my hand through my entire bankruptcy process. It was done in a smooth, quick and timely matter. She was always helpful, and gave me proper guidance every step of the way. I highly recommend this firm to anyone that is looking for an excellent, efficient, and affordable bankruptcy attorney!

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