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About Massachusetts Bankruptcy Center

Overcome Debt with Dignity

The Ravosa Law Office is one of the leading providers of legal services Massachusetts.

Attorney Richard S. Ravosa regularly meets with clients in their homes due to illnesses, age, or disabilities; he also oversees a staff of attorneys and paralegals who are dedicated problem solvers.

Attorney Ravosa has a team of talented individuals who work together to make sure that your case goes smoothly from start to end. Attorney Ravosa and his staff guide our clients every step of the way.

Our experienced Massachusetts Lawyers handle cases that other lawyers refrain from taking due to complications, Attorney Ravosa handles cases which other Attorneys who are not experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys mismanage, incorrectly file or who file petitions riddled with errors, we handle simple cases from clients who are looking for an attorney who is respected by Bankruptcy Attorneys, Professionals and Trustees. Attorney Ravosa has an outstanding reputation in handling Bankruptcy Cases.

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Filing for bankruptcy in Massachusetts can be a daunting process with so many decisions to be made. The Massachusetts Bankruptcy Center Team of Bankruptcy Lawyers and support staff have helped thousands of people from all corners of Massachusetts with offices located at Boston, Natick, Salem, Springfield and Worcester. Our clients come as far as North Adams, Gardner, Provincetown, Newburyport, Lowell, New Bedford, Taunton, Fall River and many cities and towns in between.


Our clients do not want the local town attorney that does a few Bankruptcy cases here and there. They want an Experienced, Available and Affordable attorney who has a reputation with the Bankruptcy Trustees of doing an outstanding job preparing a precise and detailed petition and who other attorneys turn to for advice on Bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a very complicated process and filing without an attorney or an attorney who is not as experienced in this area of law can end up resulting in a bad outcome such as: having a case be dismissed, losing assets, having to take time off of work for multiple 341 meetings, being denied a discharge due to omissions based on sloppy work or being subject to a United States Trustee Audit. Having the right Attorney who takes the time to make sure the information in the petition is complete, accurate and consistent can mean the difference of a case going smoothly or it falling completely apart.

Even if you filed pro se or hired an attorney who is inexperienced in Bankruptcy and your case is falling apart, Attorney Ravosa has helped many Debtors in that situation rehabilitate their case to the best possible point.

Our Bankruptcy team can help you every step of the way through this difficult process, determining if bankruptcy is right for you, carefully timing the best time to file Bankruptcy, explaining how bankruptcy works, other options other than Bankruptcy, what will be required for your specific case, the costs and how long the process will take to conclude.

The Benefits of Massachusetts Bankruptcy Lawyers Services can include:

  • End Creditor Harassment: Phone calls, Threats, & Mail.

  • Eliminate Medical Bills

  • Eliminate Credit Card Debt

  • Stop Utility Shut Offs

  • Stop harassing Debt Collection Calls

  • Stop Foreclosure

  • Stop Vehicle Repossession

  • Stop Eviction

  • End Lawsuits

  • Cease Wage Garnishments

  • Eliminate Second Mortgages

  • Manage Back Taxes and Penalties

  • Lien Avoidance Powers of the Bankruptcy Court

  • Help Manage Student Loans

  • A fresh financial start to rebuild and improve your credit scores

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