The role of the Human Rights Commission under the United Nations is majorly to ensure that every human right is respected. This respect is expected from an individual, group and the individual states and nation states. Discrimination in real sense has become a concern to many. This is because individuals are more self centered that all the actions that they undertake is to achieve their interest rather than a common good. Capitalism has consumed most people to the extent that they speak the language on “me, I, and myself.”

The works of scholars such as Schumpeter has opened the eyes of so many people and organizations thus the formation of commissions to eliminate any form of discrimination. In Natick city, discrimination is a term that should not be mentioned. The discrimination law in Natick ensures that all persons are treated equally in the same measure. The statute of the city is so strict on the discrimination laws. When an individual in Natick has undergone any kind or form of discrimination, the laws of the land makes it possible to file a discrimination claim with the various agencies provided. Unless an individual files a claim, the state cannot know whether there are facing any form of discrimination and therefore no help can be accorded to him or her.

The federal discrimination law generally covers the employees and citizens. However, because of the generalization of the federal laws, some of the small individual employees are left out. The Natick city discrimination laws therefore makes simple and close to almost all the classes of individuals. Remember the federal discrimination laws covers employers with 15 employees and above. Yet some of the employers have employees below that. The city discrimination laws therefore come in for them. There is therefore no need to shy away from filing a claim on discrimination in accordance to the discrimination laws. Each individual is entitled to fair and equal treatment.