Boston is the capital city of  the Common Wealth of Massachusetts and the largest city in the state of Massachusetts, one of the oldest cities in the U.S. states and also the largest city in the New England, among other attributes of the city include that it is rich in culture and obviously in history as well the fact that it hosts numerous sporting activities, regional cuisines and its high population which translates to high cost of living for its residents (it has one has one of the highest cost of living the United States ) hence it will be in order to expect number of bankruptcy filings per year to be high.

Filing for bankruptcy in Boston does not necessarily mean that you will have difficulties when it comes to obtaining your security clearance(s) because the impact of bankruptcy on your security clearances depends on the conditions that pushed you to filing for bankruptcy and only financial responsibilities can make things harder for you. For you to acquire a security clearance certain guidelines are set in place to determine and evaluate your security risk through assessing the following factors case by case: your allegiance to the United States; foreign influences and preferences; sexual behavior; personal conduct; financial responsibility; drug or alcohol use; psychological disorders; criminal conduct; handling of protected or classified information; use of information technology and other outside activities.

Financial considerations

The importance of looking at the financial aspects before granting an individual a security clearance is due to the fact that people who leave beyond their means or are overwhelmed with debts are likely to have a more propensity to commit crime so as to obtain an extra income. They are also very likely to have poor judgment, no self-control and therefore, becoming a security concern; among the major financial reasons that disqualify one from the security clearance quest include: inability or unwillingness to pay debts; unwarranted spending habits; consistent difficulties meeting financial obligations; financial misconduct such as embezzlement, theft, tax evasion among others; addictions that cause financial problems i.e. gambling, alcoholism, drug abuse

Bankruptcy effects on your Security Clearance

You employer or potential employer should first determine what were your primary reason(s) for filing for bankruptcy in order to acquire debt relief because if it is as a result of unforeseen circumstances like loss of a job, loss of a spouse (to divorce or death) or illness, then pursuing bankruptcy will be a financial responsible action towards solving you financial problems and that should translate to an excellent candidate of security clearance; but when it comes to a scenario where you had to seek after bankruptcy due to unscrupulous and excessive spending or other financial irresponsibility(s), obtaining security clearance might be thorny for you. Another issue worth noting is a huge debt obligations which even if you did not consider filing for bankruptcy will complicate your process of obtaining a security clearance because huge debts are seen as security concerns.