Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and the largest city in the state of Massachusetts, and was the seat City of Suffolk County until 1999 because county governments were disbanded in Massachusetts that year; it was named so by English settlers (Puritan settlers) in 1630, therefore it is one of the oldest cities in the U.S. states. Also it is the largest city in the New England. This attributes plus the fact that it is rich in culture and obviously in history as well as numerous sporting activities, regional cuisines and its high populations translates to increased cost of living for its residents therefore the number of financially distressed individuals can be alertly huge in a city like Boston who will be seeking to resolve it through filing for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy debt counseling in Boston is treated as a very crucial pre-requisite one of which one must undergo before they can file for bankruptcy. Failure to undertake the counseling as demanded by the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Abuse Prevention Act of 2005 will lead to the early termination of your case absent discharge. This debt counseling is a session that you are required to go through by an agency approved by the U.S. Department of Justice; basically what the bankruptcy debt counselor will be doing is to help you manage your finances, manage your secured and unsecured debts, develop an effective budget, evaluate other alternatives to bankruptcy, provide you with educational materials and workshops, and helps get back on your feet and have the financial peace of mind.

How to determine you have the right agency and counselor(s)

The following questions should help you out when selecting the best agency to consult:

What services do you offer?

Make sure that before you discuss with them your financial situation, they have briefed you on who they are and the services they offer; ensure that their services are diverse for example they offer budget counseling, money and debt management among others.

Do you offer information?

Ensure that they offer further information for reference such as educational materials and that they do not charge anything for the materials.

Will you assist me resolve my problem currently as well as avoid it in the future?

It is obvious that it is in your best interest to never go through the same problem in the future.

What are your charges and if I can’t afford them will I still be served?

Have the service fees in written and if the agency cannot assist you in the event you cannot afford their charges move to the next available choice.

Will I get a formal written document/ contract with you?

Only sign document after you have read them through and understood them. Ensure that all promises are in writing.

Are you licensed to offer you services in Massachusetts and/or in Boston?

If not then you have to choose another.

What qualification do your counselors possess?

Ensure they are competent and possess skills to assist you.

What assurance is in place that my information will remain confidential and secure?

Confidentiality and security are very key when it comes to personal information ensure that is so with the agency.

How are your employees paid?

If they get paid because they served you then avoid this kind of agency.